All For You - An International Professional Medical Concierge Service


Our Mission and Goals:


    Good health is foremost in life. Safeguarding health, enjoying life, and struggling with illness have been regarded as the most serious challenges for the modern era.

    Eating a variety of foods following the four seasons, it is still impossible to guarantee good health.  When sick, it can be risky to blindly see a doctor without much background information. Identifying the best doctor is essential.  A good doctor and a good medical facility are important factors to consider if you desire to successfully treat the disease, recover and get back to health.  A skillful doctor and a skillful medical unit are the guardians of your health.


   In an increasingly globalized era, as computer technology has made information sharing so easy, seeking medical treatment across borders has become increasingly common. People needing medical attention search for the best doctors and the best treatment methods without regard to borders.


     Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, United States is ranked as one of the best medical centers in the world today, with over a hundred years of history pursuing a "patient first" philosophy.   This patient-centered dedication at the Mayo Clinic brings together an international team of medical doctors, nurses and staff, resulting in the highest level of medical diagnosis, treatment, technology and hospital care.

    Every year thousands of patients from around the world came to Mayo seeking treatment.  Increasing numbers of medical experts and staff come to Mayo for academic education and practical experience exchanges.  Visitors need support and guidance in making their experience at the Mayo Clinic the best possible.


    "Everything For You" is a reception service agent based in Rochester, Minnesota,  providing every kind of consulting and reception service for people coming to Mayo Clinic for any  purpose.   Clients include patients seeking treatment, professionals arriving for short-term conferences, or medical staff coming for training and education.


    "Everything for You", as its name implies, is centered to your needs.  Your concerns are our concerns; we will support you while you come to Mayo Clinic to seek treatment or to attend training sessions and conferences.  Our aim and commitment is to make your stay in Rochester the most convenient, comfortable and rewarding experience.


      Our goal at “All for You” is to make you feel at home while in Rochester.  Whether you're going to seek to see a doctor for treatment, or need help to find a cozy hotel, delicious restaurant, or convenient means of transportation, we will provide you attentive service to meet all of your needs.  “All For You” will save you time and reduce stress, allowing you to focus on your treatment process or your professional advancement.


Our Mission: Your needs are always our service goal!


Our services include:


• Consult a physician service:  to seek excellent treatment, we will provide consultation helping you to select the department, doctors and medical services best suited to your needs.   The Mayo Clinic each year has visitors from nearly 150 countries and treats more than one million patients. There are 53 medical departments covering all medical diseases, employing more than 3,800 physicians

and scientists.  


•  Help the medical workers around the world to contact the Mayo Clinic for medical studying, internships, practicing, exchanging, visiting… Depending on your professional goals, contacting the study base, modify your resume, counseling interview.


• Transport services:  according to your needs, we will arrange airport pick-up and departure, as well as transport services needed during your stay.


• Translation services: according to your needs, we will provide you with full accompanied translation services of Chinese to English and Chinese to English.


• Living services: according to your needs, we will help you to contact and arrange hotel and accommodation services. Rochester has more than 1,200 rooms available at various hotel levels.   We will help you select your accommodation based on the style, grade and the price which you prefer.   We can also recommend restaurants or cafeterias for your dining pleasure.


• Tourist services: according to your needs, we will provide you with a variety of travel services.  Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we can help make the travel arrangements.


• Accompany shopping service: Depending on your needs, we will assist you in visiting stores to purchase any type or brand of product in the United States shopping paradise, or provide procurement assistance. 


Our service mission is to always put the customer first in our hearts.

We will listen to your voice, your needs, and your requirements.